Spalding Bulb Museum

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The Museum is dedicated to all those who created and worked within the flower bulb industry from 1880 to today. Pictures of many of these people at work are on display as well as photographs of Tulip Parades from 1964 to 1974.

Exhibits include a 1904 flower forcing glass house, Blacksmiths shop and the Spalding Cattle Market Auction Hall which was removed from the Spalding Cattle Market and re-sited at Birchgrove in 1995, There are several hovels full of equipment built specially, or converted for use within the Bulb Industry.

A film show featuring pictorial information from days gone by is shown in the gardeners theatre. Horse Carts, Ploughs, Bulb Graders, Weighing Scales, Sack Winders and so much more add to the atmosphere and help to explain the story of this incredibly successful industry from its conception through to its heyday and into its decline.

The Exhibition is open between April and October, Party bookings taken for illustrated talks on the Bulb Industry.

Surfleet Road
Spalding PE11 3XY Lincolnshire GB
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Open 10am - 4pm, 7 days a week from 1st April - 31st October